What are at-home tray-based teeth whitening systems?

While several systems for teeth whitening (teeth bleaching) exist, in the last decade tray-based whitening has become the most widely utilized type of at-home bleaching product. This technique utilizes a plastic tray that has been fabricated so to fit comfortably over a person's teeth. The person places bleaching gel (carbamide peroxide) into the tray and the tray is then worn for multiple hours a day (or else overnight), for some weeks, as the effects of the whitening process take place.

At home tray teeth whitening is a safe and effective way for a person to bleach their teeth but anyone utilizing this type of system needs to realize that the majority of their whitening activities will not be directly supervised by a dental professional. Because of this, anyone bleaching their teeth must be certain that the specific whitener they are using is safe, and that they know how to use this product in an appropriate manner. Failure to meet either one of these conditions could result in damage or harm.